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connect to your stuff. From anywhere.

If you regularly find yourself connecting to stuff at home, internet providers these days are doing their best to make your life hard. With setup such as "dual-stack lite" or carrier-grade NAT, you simply don't have an IP address at home anymore which is reachable from the outside world. At the same time, the deployment of IPv6 is going sluggish at best, so even if you have it at home, chances are your employer or spouse doesn't. So, it may or may not work, depending on luck. This sucks.

Vendors of appliances offer cloud connectivity, allowing you to connect each of your devices to a central cloud service that acts as a hub, and then use whatever features the cloud makes available. We're doing the same thing, but with TCP ports. Now you can reliably connect to a port on another device, accessing services like SSH or web apps to your heart's content.


IoTCP uses libsodium for authentication. This is fast and secure.


Connecting to remote devices is as easy as running ssh. Just that it works regardless of where you or your peer are located.


Our client runs under Linux, Mac and Windows.